I want to tell you how amazing I think you are. You do such a great job! Out of all the people, open houses, homes we have walked through and agents we met this year, I remember meeting you at your open house in Magnolia Park. 
 So many people get their real- estate license’ and believe they will sell houses as they come and go or as a “weekend” gig. Not you! 
You are out there in the trenches, finding leads ,doing the hard leg work, following up without knowing what a person’s reaction will be. And your news letter; what a fantastic idea! I read the whole thing, it was great and extremely informative.
My intention is to encourage and to let you know “We see you” as you continue in this already crazy busy season.
Sales can be a fast pace, cut throat business. Agents like you make it look effortless, even enticing.
 I pray this finds you on a good day and wishing you a prosperous spring and summer. 
You definitely earned one.☀️
Sincerely, Brenda 

— Brenda